Digital Electronic  Timer Setting Instructions
Models SS 10, ss 50, SS 100 and 150 M Automatic Timer Setting Instructions

  1. Plug system control module into 110 Volt, grounded outlet and/or insert 9 Volt battery. The location for 9 Volt battery is under the removable cover, (size: 1" X 2-1/4"), located just above the timer viewing window.

  2. In the timer viewing window will appear 180S and then 12H. Now push the ENTER button. A new display with time and day of week appears in window.

  3. SETTING THE CLOCK: Push the MODE button once, the time and letters CLK appear in window. We will now set the correct time of day and day of week:
    1. Push HOUR/DATE button until correct hour corresponds with that of your wrist watch. Watch for AM & PM in upper right part of window.
    2. Now push MIN/YEAR button until the correct minutes are displayed.
    3. Now push DAY/MONTH button until current day of week is displayed at top of window.
    4. Now push the ENTER button to enter the completed clock setting information.

    1. Push DAY/MONTH to set the current month.
    2. Push HOUR/DATE button to set current day of month.
    3. Push MIN/YEAR button to set current year.
    4. Push ENTER to enter calendar information just completed. Your electronic timer will change time automatically when daylight savings time comes and goes. If your area does not observe daylight savings time, do not set calendar, leave blank.


    1. Push HOUR/DATE button until you reach the first time of day you want system to spray, e.g. 8:00 AM. Push SIG/SEC button once and you will notice SIG 1 appears in lower left hand corner of window. If satisfied, push ENTER. You have just instructed your system to spray everyday at 8:00 AM for the SIG 1 duration. We will set SIG 1 after setting all "ON" times. Note: Timer now says 8:05 AM.
    2. For example, if your next selection is 10:30 AM, push HOUR/DATE button to 10:00 AM and your MIN/YEAR button to :30, time now reads 10:30 AM. Press SIG/SEC once, SIG 1 appears again in lower left corner of window. If satisfied, push ENTER. Timer window now reads 10:35 AM and is waiting for next on time setting.
    3. If the next time you would like to set is 1:00 PM, push MIN/YEAR button until :00 appears in the minutes column, then push HOUR/DATE button until 1:00 PM appears in window. Then push ENTER to set that "ON" time in memory.
    4. Repeat 5B if you desire to set "ON" times in between hours e.g. 3:30 PM. or repeat 5C if you desire to set even hour "ON" times, e.g. 6:00 PM.
    5. After all "ON" times are programmed, push MODE


    1. Window now reads SIG 1 00. Now hold down SIG/SEC button until you reach desired length of each "ON" time. An average setting is 45 seconds. The system will spray at pre-selected "ON" times for 45 seconds and the spray system will shut off waiting for the next programmed "ON" time.
    2. Push ENTER. Now the window reads SIG 2 00. If you would like to utilize a shorter spray time for certain times of the day, for example 25 seconds for evening hour mosquito control, hold down SIG/SEC button until 25 seconds appears in window. Push ENTER. Push MODE. You are now set for automatic operation.
    NOTE: If you want to use SIG 2 for shorter spray cycles at certain times of the day, push the MODE button three (3) times. This will put you back to the "ON" times you have already programmed. Sequence through these times by pushing the ENTER button repeatedly. Stop at an "ON" time you want to change from SIG 1 (45 seconds), to SIG 2 (25 seconds) and push the SIG/SEC button one time. Notice SIG 2 now appears in the lower left hand corner of the window.After any changes push the ENTER button to secure the change. Then push the MODE button four (4) times and you are back to automatic operation. If you forget to push the MODE button, your timer will automatically revert to automatic operation after five (5) minutes.
Fly Control Mosquito Control
8:00 AM 10:30 AM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 6:00 PM 8:30PM 10:00PM 1:00 AM 4:00 AM
Sig 1 Sig 1 Sig 1 Sig 1 Sig 1 Sig 1 Sig 2 Sig 2 Sig 2
SIG 1 = 45 Sec.
SIG 2 = 25 Sec.
The above chart is designed as a guide only. More or less settings will not be unusual, depending on climate and local environmental factors.
  1. Push MODE Button three times.
  2. Push ENTER button until you reach a time of day you want to delete.
  3. Push SIG button until neither SIG 1 or SIG 2 appears in viewing window. Then push ENTER..
  4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 for any other deletions.
  1. Push MODE button three times.
  2. Push ENTER button until 12:00 A.M. displays in the viewing window.
  3. Push HOUR and MIN button until new time is reached, Push SIG button until SIG 1 appears in the viewing window. Push ENTER.
  4. Repeat step #3 for other additional settings.
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