Handheld Insecticide Dispenser

Fogmaster Electric Fogger

Fogmaster foggers use a high turbulence vortex air nozzle to atomize liquid into tiny droplets. Cold foggers avoid potential thermal degradation of your chemical and work equally well with both water and oil based liquids. You can also change the droplet diameter by adjusting the liquid flow rate.

Fogmaster nozzles work at low pressures for both air and liquid and are resistant to nozzle plugging.

Fogmaster can be used in:

Pest control in homes, warehouses, yards.

Odor control in waste treatment plants, lift stations, solid waste transfer
  stations, production agriculture, (swine, poultry etc...)

Odor and smoke removal from hotel rooms, banquet halls, apartment
  buildings and automobiles.

Sanitizing hospital rooms, veterinary clinics, food processing facilities.

▪ Applying biocides, sealants, coil cleaners to HVAC systems and ducting.

▪ Dust settling, including asbestos remediation programs.

▪ Mist generation in nursery propagation and mist house, keeping vegetables fresh in transit and similar uses.

▪ Humidifying winery barrel rooms, guitar factories, industrial sites